Thursday, 4 November 2010

Well, it's kind of true. Any clue of the UK PC release date?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Poorly Drawn Comics!


I don't like visiting the Town (and I mean the one that you have to get on the bus to visit, not the crappy one I live in with nothing in it), because when I do things like this normally happen. It's better when my best friend is there because she brightens it up by taking me to the Special Place by the river when I'm grumpy.
 I sometimes bring dumb stuff on myself. For example, the time I dropped my Dib Dab Lolly and had to just pour the sherbert in my mouth. That was seemingly acceptable, at first. However, it's lucky that I walked past a mirror and found out that I had been walking around with white sherbert powder underneath my nose for the past half hour, because if I hadn't I don't think that my friend would have pointed it out. It explains the funny looks I had been getting. And no, I don't mean the Town was full of clowns.
Ok, I'll admit that there are some good things about that place too. For instance, there's a Shakeaway. I love that place. Then there's the massive Noodle Bar, which is awesome, especially when the Blonde woman is behind the till and she gives customers two different kinds of chicken. Also, the Gizmo shop which sells Rubber Ducks and Ikon (I can't afford anything in there but it's still a nice shop to visit).
Just a quick note to the angry Slipknot Tee wearing man... Why are you so angry? Is it because your mother never loved you? Or that you never found out how to shave and are growing increasingly frustrated by your mighty neckbeard? Is it that you look ridiculous? It should be!

Hell yes, I can be a b*tch when I want to be.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Truth here! Right now!

Now, before I begin, let it be said that I Am A Little Bit Sad. I'm not disputing that fact. Now to the point of this post...
Ladies and gentlemen,  wouldn't you agree that Napoleon was KICK. ASS. [I'm using the American spelling of it there so it seems less offensive]
 Let's be honest, Folks. He was a military genius. With a fancy hat. Could you ask for anything more?
That's it for now. Happy Monday, everyone!
~ Tasha